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What is your idea of a water-wise landscape? If a rock-laden, dirt landscape crosses your mind, then you haven't been introduced to the water-efficient MP Rotator which has a proven track record of reducing water use by approximately 30 percent. With an MP Rotator-equipped irrigation system, your customers can have their grass while being water conscious, too.

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Known as rotating sprinkler nozzles, matched precipitation rate sprinklers and rotary nozzles, MP Rotators are small rotors that can be retrofitted to any pop-up spray head body. Pop-up spray head bodies equipped with MP Rotators use less water than conventional spray heads. By simply replacing the spay nozzle with the MP Rotator, the system will produce lower precipitation rates and higher uniformity.

MP Rotators rotate while emitting multiple distinct streams of water at one-third of the rate of spray heads, allowing the soil to more-efficiently absorb the applied water.

With a lower application rate, MP Rotators elicit virtually no runoff or standing water, effectively fight wind with stream technology and can cover micro problem areas with easy arc and radius adjustments that maintain the application rate and uniformity.

A sprinkler system's distribution uniformity–or how evenly a sprinkler delivers water over the landscape–is maximized with use of MP Rotators. Say goodbye to brown spots and hello to a green, healthier lawn.

MP 1000 An 8´- 15´ nozzle designed to retrofit spray heads and misters.
MP 2000 Targets 13´ - 21´ landscapes.
MP 3000 Designed to reach 22´- 30´ and costs less than conventional rotor.
MP Corner An 8´ - 12´ sprinkler with an adjustable arc from 45° to 105° to cover tight corners.
MP Strip The MP Left and Right Strips irrigate an area 5´ x 15´. The MP Side Strip irrigates a strip 5´ x 30´.
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Upgrade an old system, or avoid the problems of a new system with MP Rotators.

Low pressure. For systems with overloaded zone or stretched spacing, the low-flow rate of MP Rotators will increase the pressure of the lateral line and resolve the low-pressure problem. The only thing the contractor has to do is swap out the nozzles on the existing spray head bodies with MP Rotators–no need to split zones or dig up heads.

Runoff. Avoid runoff that occurs from applying water too quickly. This low application rate sprinkler delivers water at a rate the soil can actually absorb, targeting irrigation hardships like slopes, tight soils and seeded areas. The MP Rotator also fights runoff that occurs from overspray caused by wind with its multi-stream technology. By design, each stream maintains larger water droplets with a specific purpose in the overall pattern. This keeps the water in the desired watering area, less affected by wind drift.

Overspray. The water-efficient sprinkler has maximum adjustability though effective arc and radius adjustment–conforming to odd shaped areas. This eliminates the typical overspray associated with fixed arc spray nozzles.

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Landscape architects and specifiers prefer the performance advantages and design flexibility of the MP Rotator. Compared to spray heads and single-stream rotors, the MP 1000 2000 and 3000, as well as the MP Strip and MP Corner, can be combined on the same zone because they all maintain matched precipitation, even after arc radius adjustment.

Lower flow requirements allow MP Rotators to triple the area covered per zone, reducing the number of valves installed which means fewer control stations, less pipe, less wire and less labor. This provides a new level of design and installation flexibility.

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The MP Rotator has been the most rebated sprinkler in the world. Water agencies like Metropolitan Water District in Southern California offer rebates on the rotating sprinkler nozzles like the MP Rotator because of its water-saving advantages.

Ewing has been instrumental in helping water agencies across the country implement both residential and commercial rebate programs for this water-saving sprinkler.

If you´re a representative from a municipality or a water purveyor and would like more information about the benefits of establishing a rebate program for the MP Rotator or other water-saving irrigation products, contact

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Ewing has more than six years of experience in marketing, specifying and educating contractors, maintenance professionals, superintendents, water purveyors and the community on the MP Rotator product line.

Recognizing the incredible potential the MP Rotator presented for increasing water-efficiency in landscaping applications, Ewing was the first national distributor to partner with the Walla Walla Sprinkler Company in 2003 to bring this revolutionary water-saving device to the market.

When the MP Rotator product line was acquired by Hunter Industries in 2007, Ewing continued its concentrated support of the MP Rotator and is now viewed as the preeminent market leader in promoting the MP Rotator.

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